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  • 5 POP3 / FiniteMail™ accounts (additional POP3/WebMail accounts available)
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  • 1 autoresponder
  • 10 unique e-mail forwards
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  • Plus the ability to point the domain to any IP address you specify rather than use finitesite

+$29 one-time setup fee


How Does It Work?:
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Main Features
Some of finiteMail's main features include:

  • Send e-mail messages to multiple recipients
  • On-line address book
  • Send and receive up to five file attachments per e-mail message
  • Automatically add a personal signature to outgoing e-mail messages
  • Create unique personal e-mail folders to help you archive or categorize your messages


             Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Web Mail?
Web Mail is a server-based email system that allows you to access your email account from the World Wide Web. You can send and receive email messages from almost any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Note: You can send and receive email messages from Web Mail as well as from your POP3 email client. Some of the more popular email client applications include Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora , Netscape Mail, and Pegasus. Each email client application contains its own built-in help file that will guide you through the process of setting it up to read mail on a remote server. If you need specific information during setup such as the names of your incoming and outgoing mail servers, contact your Web Site Administrator.

Because Web Mail is based on the hypertext mark-up language (HTML), you can use any major Internet browser to access your email messages. Additionally, your email is stored on your domain’s server; therefore, you can save email and attachments on the server instead of downloading them to your computer.

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What is the difference between my domain POP3 email account and my Web Mail account?
Web Mail provides another way to access your existing domain email account ( You can send and receive email through your desktop email client application (such as Microsoft Outlook or QualComm Eduora) as well as on a web browser with Web Mail.   Your desktop email application will automatically download your email via the Post Office Protocol (POP3) email protocol when you login to it. Web Mail uses the HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP) protocol, the same protocol used for the World Wide Web to display web pages, to provide access to your domain email account through your web browser. Web Mail is server-based and allows you to store and retrieve email directly from the server. Your domain email account username and password are used to login to both your desktop email application as well as Web Mail.

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What makes Web Mail especially useful?
The Web Mail application and your email messages exist on a remote server, not your local computer. So, you never need to worry about missing, corrupt, or overwritten email program files.

Other Web Mail advantages include:
·   Only your domain account name and password are required to use Web Mail.
·   It is accessible from any Web-connected computer and browser.
·   It uses very few of your computer's system resources.
·   It is very easy to use.
·   All upgrades are automatic and seamless.
·   It functions through any popular web browser and operating system.

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What are some of Web Mail's main features?
  Sending email messages to multiple recipients.
Sending up to five file attachments per email message.
Automatically adding personal signatures to outgoing email messages.
Creating personal email folders to archive or categorize your messages.
An online address book.

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Do I need to open an email account to use Web Mail?
No. Web Mail is included with most of our UNIX shared hosting plans. All email accounts under your domain can access email with Web Mail as well as with any standard POP3 email application, such as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora or Netscape Messenger.

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How do I access Web Mail?
Web Mail is always available on the Web.

  1. Start your Web browser.

  2. Type in the address bar (replace with your domain name).

    For example, if your domain name is "", type in the address bar.

    For a secure login, type https://my-domain/webmail.

  3. Press Enter. The Web Mail Login screen appears.

  4. Type your User ID and Password in the appropriate fields.

  5. Press Login. The Inbox folder appears.

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How do I change my Web Mail settings?
After logging into Web Mail, click the Options tab. From the Options screen, you can change your Web Mail account's Outgoing Mail Options and the Display Options.

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Where can I get help on how to use Web Mail's many features?
Web Mail contains an easy-to-use and comprehensive online help system. If you need information on how to perform any email-related function, just log in to your Web Mail account and click the Help button.

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Can I have more than one POP account?
Yes. Contact 800-893-6001 about setting up additional accounts. Your account has 5 POP accounts.  Additional accounts are available upon request.

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How much disk space do I have for my email messages?
Each email account on your domain shares the total disk space available under your domain’s Web hosting plan. Each plan comes with generous disk space quotas. Finitemail has 50MB.

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What can I do to manage my email?
·   Delete unwanted or old email messages from your Inbox, Sent Items, Trash or personal folders.

·   Use an email application (such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora) to automatically download your email into your computer.

Important: Before using email applications that download email into your computer, read the following Virus Information:

How email viruses affect computers

Because your Web Mail account is a web-based email system, your email messages, address book, and related files are stored on our servers, not on your computer. Therefore, reading your Web Mail email messages does not make your computer vulnerable to viruses.

Additionally, email attachments will not be a threat to your system if you do not download them. However, if you open an attachment or save it to your computer, your computer becomes vulnerable.

This applies to all files that you download to your computer, whether they are email attachments or not.


  1. Do not download anything from sources you do not know and trust.

  2. Be sure that you get and install one of the many anti-virus programs that are now available.

    Exercising these precautions will greatly reduce the chances of exposing your computer to viruses.


Can I forward all of my email messages to a different email address?
Yes. Your Web Site Administrator can help you with automatic mail forwarding and with using autoresponders.

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Can I un-send an email message?
Un-sending refers to the ability to retrieve a sent email message before the recipient reads it. Currently, Web Mail does not include an un-send feature.

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If I experience difficulty with Web Mail, where can I go for help?
First, search the Web Mail online Help file for any information related to the problem you are experiencing.

Check the Problems? section for information regarding difficulties you might encounter with sending and receiving mail, losing your password, and other issues.

Check the Error messages section for a list of the error messages that might occur when using Web Mail.

For additional information, contact and included your domain name in the subject line.

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