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Using the File Manager

The finitesite file manager is the website administration tool. The file manager will allow you to upload text files and images, as well as edit your current page. 

  • Directories can be added or removed from your web site using the directory section of the manager.  Directories are one way to differentiate pages of information.  

    To add a new directory, type the name of the directory in the text box in the directories section of your finitesite manager.  Then click add. To upload files to this new directory, simply select the desired directory using the radio button and select change.  You may then upload files into the new directory.  

  • Existing files can be edited, renamed, created, or deleted using the file section. This is done by simply selecting the file you wish to modify by clicking 'on' the radio button next to it, then choosing either edit, rename, create, or delete. If you choose edit, you may then proceed by making your changes in the text box.

  • Uploading new text files and images to your free web site can be done using the upload section of your finitesite Manager. You may use the browse function to locate a file or image on your hard drive, select the proper file, then click upload. Each blank will hold one file path, there are 10 blanks to allow uploading of up to 10 text or image files at a time.

  • The preferences section will allow you to change the information which pertains to your free web site. You may change your password, and personal information.

  • The forum, guest book, and links section can be used to add interactivity to your free website.

Account Information

UserID and password information

Your username and password are chosen by you once you receive your Address Verification Invoice.  Use the link on this invoice to set up your account for the first time and choose your username and password.  If you lose your sign up information, you should use the resend activation notice link on the login page to have your information regenerated..

Changing account information

Simply enter the finitesite manager tool, and scroll down to the preferences section.  Here you may make changes to everything except your userID.

To cancel an account

Please visit and open a support issue.  Be sure to enter your username and password correctly. In the notes, state your desire to cancel, as well as a brief reason for your cancellation and we will process your request within 30 days for free accounts.

Logging in

If you have the free sub directory hosting at, you may go to and click the login button. Use the unique userID and password assigned to your account. If you lost your password, you can use the recovery tool by clicking here.

If you have your domain name pointed to a free hosting plan at, you may go to and click the login button. Use the unique userID and password assigned to your account.

Click the button below to log in to your free website:

Email Forwarding    [For domain name accounts only]

To set your email forwarding, first go to and enter your domain name userID and password.  Next click on the mail setup button.  This is where you enter your email forward.       ex:

Once you have configured this email forward, all email sent to will automatically be sent to your regular email address.

You also have one specific email forward that  you can use if you have POP mail from your ISP.  If you want some tips on how to use an existing POP mail account to simulate,
click here


I can't FTP?

Free hosting accounts do not have ftp access.  Uploading is done using the finitesite file manager.  Simply log in to your account and browse your computer for the files to be uploaded.  

What is an index page?

The home page is always the index page.  It is also known as the default page for a domain.  example:

If the index page is deleted, your main page will be deleted, so when people view your site, they will see a "forbidden" message.  If your home page is deleted or renamed something other than index.htm or index.html, simply rename your home page using the /index.html ending.  Some systems will display home pages titled  home.htm or default.htm as well, however, for this system, you must use index.

Moving your website.

When moving a website from one server to another, text and image files are saved separately to your computer hard drive.  

Upload files to your new server in the same manner.  Image and text files are uploaded separately.  

Using HTML Editors

  • When using Front Page to design a new page, use the HTML view button at the bottom of the screen to view and save the HTML code behind your website. You may save the html text file to your hard drive then upload.

  • When editing an existing page in front page, simply open your web page using the front page browser and make your changes. Once your changes are complete, select the html view of your document and copy it. Select the file to be replaced in your file manager, click "edit" and replace the old HTML with the new.  

  • You may use the create function to write HTML directly into the text box of the file manager. 

  • Click Here for HTML Help

  • Word can be used as an html editor. Simply design your document in Microsoft Word, and save as an HTML file. This file may then be uploaded using the FiniteSite Manager.

About Images

  • If your images fail to appear, check the html image references to be sure that they refer to the proper place. You may do this by clicking the view menu on your browser, and selecting source. Image references will look like this:

  • If your images do not appear, you can also right click the broken image and select "Properties".  The "Address: URL" listed in the properties box tells you the image path.  You can copy this image path and try to view the image directly in your browser.  Be sure it is pointing to the image on the web (http://) and not on your hard drive (C:\).    

    Also, be sure your image name does not contain invalid characters.  Image names should be "image.jpg" or "image.gif" or "image.bmp."  Spaces and symbols are not valid. Most broken links are due to invalid image names you cannot have "image name.gif," but could have "image_name.gif." Image references are also case sensitive, so if your image is called "image.gif," your reference could not be "Image.gif," or "image.GIF."


  • Keep your image files small.  Images should be 12K each or less.  Save your image files in .gif or .jpeg formats as they are less memory intensive.  Smaller web pages load faster.

Free basic design tips

  • There are many different web browsers available such as AOL, Netscape, MSN, and Internet Explorer.  Be sure to view your site in different browsers as it may vary in appearance.

  • Want to make a hyperlink?  Use the text in the box below to make a "CLICK HERE" link for your web page.  Simply replace the generic URL (  with that of your hyperlink destination.  

  • The navigation system for your website is important.  Mapping out the navigation system on paper first will ensure that information is found easily on your web site.  

  • Always use standard file names when building your website.   Web addresses are case sensitive.  Spaces and capital letters may cause trouble when hyper linking pages.  

  • A Counter can be added by typing !!counter!! where you want the counter on your page. You can have a different counter for each page too!



  • Support is available by visiting

  • Support cases are answered within 24 hours during business hours.  Fully hosted .COM customers who upgrade to a personal hosting package or better will enjoy a 1-hour response time to eMail, as well as telephone support for technical issues. 

  • For free hosting customers, telephone support is not available for free.  If it is essential that you receive telephone support, you will be billed for your call at standard rates.  Please call 617-859-8998 if you need paid support.

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