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Plan Features: free subdirectory hosting includes:

  • 20 MB of disk space
  • Integrated upload tool for loading images and text
  • forum feature
  • guest book feature [not supported]
  • link page feature

Hosting of comes with the following features:

  • Redirection of your dot com name to or
  • 1 specific email forward at your
  • Unlimited eMail forwarding with alias addresses
  • 10 MB of disk space
  • Integrated upload tool for loading images and text
  • forum feature
  • link page feature
  • guest book feature [not supported]

Free hosting plans are very basic.  Some popular hosting features are not available on the free plans. .

  • FrontPage extensions  [FrontPage generated documents can be used]
  • ftp access
  • asp
  • cgi-bin
  • secure server
  • pop email
  • smtp email



    When you transfer your domain name to our servers, we will use frames with html coding to redirect your site visitors to your free page at This will look like a full hosting plan to those who visit your website.  Visitors to your website will see only your domain name in the address bar.


Plan Upgrades:

    When you outgrow your free hosting, we have full hosting available. Full hosting includes such features as cgi-bin, FrontPage extensions, FTP access, pop and SMTP email, shared secure server, and much more! CLICK HERE


Address Verification:

    The credit card address verification service will verify your identity online using your credit card billing information.  Because is on a shared server, identities must be verified to protect all users against any unscrupulous persons who may abuse this service. Please CLICK HERE to read the terms of service.


Account Activation:

    If your account is not listed as active, you may not have completed the sign up process.  There are 3 steps:

    1. Agree to the terms of service.
    2. Submit a credit card for online address verification
      or, choose a hosting plan for your domain name.
    3. Complete the account creation form.

    When you submit your credit card for online address verification, you will receive an email receipt immediately. The very bottom line of this email receipt includes a link to the account creation page. Simply click on the link to create your account. 

    If you cannot read the link, or are unable to use the link to complete your signup, please write to with the words FiniteSite Activation in the subject heading. This email must be sent from the email address your address verification receipt was sent to, please state your full name, invoice number. A link to the finitesite account creation page will be emailed to you promptly.


Site Manager:

The site manager is divided into 7 sections:

  1. Directories:

    This section is where you either Change, Add or Remove directories from your site. Screenshot

  2. Files:

    This section is where you can select to view, create, edit, delete or rename files already on your site. Screenshot

  3. Upload:

    The upload section is where you upload files from your computer to your site. You can upload multiple files at once. The space that you have used and have remaining is also shown on this screen. Screenshot

  4. Preferences:

    This section lists the information that you entered when you signed up for your site. You may edit this information at any time. Screenshot

  5. Forum:

    You have the option to setup a forums on your site, and you define them here. The forums won't appear unless you define them. Screenshot

  6. Guestbook:

    You have the option to use the built-in Guestbook if you wish, and you set it up here. Screenshot

  7. Links:

    You may use a links page to allow visitors to add their URL. You may define, add or remove categories and remove unwanted links here. Screenshot


Create Pages:

There are three ways to get pages to your site:

  1. Upload files that you already have on your computer.
  2. Create HTML files in the "files" section of your Site Manager. This is a simple text editor, but if you know any HTML, it will serve the purpose.
  3. Create HTML files in another editor and upload them to your site. There are several free HTML editors available to do this. They vary from simple Notepad replacements to feature-rich editors with wizards to help in the creation of your pages.
  • 1stPage2000 from is a very rich editor with all of the features that you would expect in an expensive editor and it is free. You can find out more about 1stPage2000 HERE
  • Another great editor is Arachnophilia. It is slated as "careware" but is free. You can find out more about Arachnophilia HERE
  • Another class of HTML editors are the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) variety. The most well known editor in this class is Composer which comes bundled with Netscape from V3 on. You can download the latest version of Netscape HERE
  • There is another free WYSIWYG editor available called AOL Press. You don't have to be an AOL member to use this program, and it is available HERE


Uploading Files:

    If you have a V3 browser or later, you will be able to upload files to your site using the upload section of the Site Manager. Simply select any of the "browse" buttons to select the file(s) on your hard disk drive that you want to upload.


Front Page:

    Front Page extensions are not available for your site. You are free to use Front Page to create your files if you choose, but you will not be able to use any webbots. You will also not be able to publish, but will have to copy the files to your site using the Site Manager.



    Yes you can use forms on your site. There is a sample form that you can download and edit to suit your needs. order.htm is the name of the file and it can be downloaded in either .zip or windows self-extracting format. This form uses cgiemail to parse the form and e-mail the results to you.

File Name
FTP HTTP 1Kb Get It Get It
order.exe 39Kb Get It Get It

Shared Guestbook, Forum and Links Pages:

    You can not change the look of the shared pages such as the guestbook, forum and links pages. These add-ons share the same program for all users and therefore cannot be customized. If you wish to use another guestbook such as the one found at: you are welcome to do that. We do not endorse or support any offsite add-ons though.  The free guestbook script provided with hosting is not moderated and entries cannot be deleted once they are posted.






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