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Once you sign up, you will choose a username, that will become your address at  For example, if you chose "billybob" as your username,  your free site will be  

If you want hosting for free at your own domain name, simply register a new name or park an existing name on our server for a low one-time set up fee, and we will point it right at your address, and you still pay no monthly fees for hosting.

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This site is actually located at this free URL:
...but the domain name points right to the FREE site in a frame!

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Are you wondering if there is a  catch? There is not. 

You can host for as long as you want, absolutely FREE. 

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*$19.80 per year optional domain name registration price for a 5 year .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info or  No purchase is required to sign up for FREE Hosting if you live in the USA.


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