User Guide and Manual:

Support is available as follows: This manual contains everything needed to operate your B-A-R-T system. 

Telephone support is available for free for the first 30 days for all issues NOT COVERED in this guide and manual.  Issues that are covered in this guide are not eligible for phone support during or after the first 30 days at no charge. Pay per incident phone support and free eMail support is available for the life of the product.

To use B-A-R-T you need the following:

1. j2 Business web fax account 
~$12.50 per mo. plus 10c/min for faxes sent

There is a free version of this software, so you do not need to pay a monthly fee of $12.50, but we recommend you get a business web fax account.  If you use this link  you can sign up for an account that will activate instantly.

Having a web fax account will allow you to have faxes set to anyone instantly from your website.  [If you are not going to use this feature with B-A-R-T, you do not need to sign up for a web fax account.]  

If you already have a web fax account with a company other than j2 or efax, you may be able to use that as well.  Please contact customer service for details about other compatible web fax systems that will work. 

NOTE: If you do use another web fax package, we will not provide support on this feature.  Full support is available to all j2 fax customers.

2. aWeber autoresponder account $13-$20/mo flat rate.

To sign up for an aWeber autoresponder account simply use this link.  You can sign up for the system on a free trial for 30 days, and pay nothing if you decide you don't want to use this follow-up autoresponder.

You can use a free autoresponder, one you already own will work just fine as well.  If you use hosting services from  you have an autoresponder included with your hosting that you can configure.

We strongly recommend the AWeber system, as it has automated follow up, list management, real-time remove, personalization and broadcast capabilities.

Using the aWeber system is recommended because it not only keeps a full searchable database of your leads and date/time of inquiry, but it also incorporates the follow up system that will greatly increase  your exposure and will generate a long-term list of leads that you can send personalized request to at any time.

3. B-A-R-T account $12.50 to $20 per mo.

Two plans are available for each B-A-R-T account. Once you sign up, if you pay a setup fee, it is not refundable.  If you decide to cancel the service within the first 30 days, all monthly fees will be refunded 100%.

Monthly Plan: $19.99/mo.  [$19.99/mo.]
Annual Plan: $150/year  [$12.50/mo.]

4. Postage - [meter or stamps 34c each] + #10 Window
     envelopers and Word Processor with printer.

This is for direct mail.  If you have a postage meter, you probably already do some mailing. If not, you will need 34c first class stamps and #10 window envelopes from your office supply store.

    #10 Security Envelopes are Preferred

$15 to $30 is the average cost of a 500 qty. box at an office supply store.  or between three and six cents each.

You need a computer with Microsoft Word, or other word processor program that will do a mail merge. 


Control Panel Basics:

Terms of service:

Use of the B-A-R-T system constitutes agreement to 
the terms of service.  This means that by using the B-A-R-T system,  you agree that you have read and will abide by the agreement.

Sample Order Form:

Your sample form is available here

Once you have
configured B-A-R-T, you can click this link on your control panel to get the code for your complete form.

This form code can be modified to include or exclude any field.  You can have a B-A-R-T form that gathers name and email only.  Name and Fax number only, Name and address only, or name, address, phone, fax, and email.

Name and email are the only two REQUIRED fields for any B-A-R-T form.

Email Configuration:

AWeber Signup
AWeber Login

Use these links to sign up for a new account or
to log into your existing AWeber account.

Use Aweber       Check This if you are using AWeber
Use Other Autoresponder      Check This if you are NOT using AWeber

Responder email address
Enter your autoresponder [AWeber or non-AWeber above]

Fax Configuration:

Jfax account signup    Click here to sign up for a new j2 fax account.
Jfax login  Click here to log in to your j2 fax or efax account.

Use Jfax    Click here to use jfax 
Use other Fax services    Click here if you use a different fax system 

Other fax service email domain [e.g.]

Enter the domain name faxes are sent to above if not using j2 or efax.

You currently have a TIF fax image on file, however you may replace it by uploading a new file below.
Upload .tif fax file to B-A-R-T

Use the BROWSE button to locate your .tif fax file.  This is the fax that will be sent to your prospect when they ask for more information.

To process a mail merge you do the following:

Go to your control panel and look at the bottom for this:

View my daily mail-merge file. [ Reset merge file ]
View my permanent logfile.

To do a daily merge, click view my daily mail-merge file.

Once you have saved this file to a .txt file on your local machine, click the reset merge file link, and your file will be reset for the next mail merge.

You can also use the View my permanent logfile to get a text file containing ALL of the leads since you started using B-A-R-T, should you wish to do a follow up mail merge to your whole list.

Once your file is saved, you are ready to merge.  

Here is a sample Word Document to download / save.

You use the b-a-r-t daily merge text file to merge the document with.  If you don't have Word, use MS Word reader to get the sample and create your own merge document in your own word processing program.

You can make your letter say anything you want to.  It is best when you enclose a personal letter, that tri-folds to fit your window envelope, along with a brochure or product literature, and a reply form that can be mailed or faxed back to you - an order form or sign up form will produce the best results.

This system will have greatest impact if you do the mail merge and send out the literature EVERY DAY.

Other questions:

If you have other questions that have not been covered in this user guide, please write to  Be sure to include "B-A-R-T" in the subject line, along with your USERNAME.

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