Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is a good candidate for B-A-R-T ?

If you have people visiting your website, you are a candidate for B-A-R-T.  If you use Overture, Findwhat, Google, Yahoo or other pay for performance platforms, this will immediately increase your conversion ratio.

B-A-R-T does not generate traffic, it takes existing traffic and delivers follow up information that closes the sale.

Your ROI (Return On Investment) will improve and your Conversion Ratio will increase.  The more traffic your site handles, the more powerful using B-A-R-T will be.

How does j2 web fax work?

First you need to sign up for an account.  You can sign up HERE, or in your control panel.  Register for the free fax account, and be sure to upgrade to a business fax account to get full benefit.

This account will allow B-A-R-T to instantly deliver your brochure, a letter, or your product literature to the prospect. The service is $12.50 monthly and successful fax transmissions are billed at 10c per minute to your credit card.

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How does AWeber email work?

AWeber follows up with your prospects automatically over a period of days, weeks, and months using opt-in follow up marketing. 

AWeber also maintains a database of all subscribers and allows list or category broadcast. It combines personalization features such as First Name, Last Name, email, Add Date, Remove Date, Ad Category and more.  All emails contain a unique remove link and comply with all applicable email list etiquette and standard spam and opt-in rules.

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How does the mail merge work?

The mail merge uses a text file and a word processor, like Microsoft Word to print a personalized letter that will tri-fold into a #10 window envelope.

#10 Window Envelope

When you "do the mail merge," you will be printing letters, stuffing them into a window envelope and enclosing a product brochure and order form, or other relevant material.

You can do this yourself, in-house, or if your volume is regular, you can have a fulfillment house take care of this distribution by making your B-A-R-T login available to your contractor.

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How am I notified when someone inquires?

B-A-R-T sends you an email with your lead's full details. You know immediately someone has enquired at your site.  This is what you will receive.

This person has requested information

              Name:  William Smith
           Company:  Smith Family Diner
           Address:  222 South Main
    City/State/Zip:  Boston, MA 02111
           Country:  USA
             Phone:  617-859-8998
               Fax:  617-249-0850
            E-Mail:  smith @
How They Found Us:  yahoo

Information Requested: Menu

Comments :
I would like to book for a birthday.
Thanks for your help.

Sat Apr 13 11:09:55 2002

You can also have this information forward to a telemarketing service, remote call center or your personal email address.  Using standard email forwarding you can have prospect's contact information broadcast to any number of email addresses for action.

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How is this information stored?

B-A-R-T will write this information to a text file that can be downloaded and merged into a "word" document that fits nicely into a #10 window envelope for mailing.

Doing the mail merge each day ensures the prospect's "third impression" is another physical item, addressed to them, and delivered by first class mail within about 2-3 days in the USA.  This is a powerful message to send.

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How does the live follow up work?

Live Follow- up can occur by telephone as soon as you or your call center receive the email message.  

You can follow up with a phone call within seconds, hours or days, depending on your preference.

Call to make sure the lead has received their information, and to answer any questions in the comments section of the email.

B-A-R-T text files are compatible with all major lead contact software, so data can be imported with ease.

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How does email follow up work?

Be certain to set your aWeber follow up email system to automatically check with the customer at 4 days, 7 days, 10 days and 30 days. The best letters are personalized, brief, and relevant.

Well written follow up letters will prompt your prospects to write back to you.

Try filling out a B-A-R-T form today.  Receive information instantly, and watch how the system follows up with you to make sure you receive all of your information.

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Will this system be effective?

No questions here - Yes.

At we have successfully used the 
B-A-R-T system for over two years with amazing results.  Our customers have been asking if they can get a system like B-A-R-T, and now it is available.

This type of system should cost thousands of dollars, but is amazingly affordable at an introductory price of $19.99 per month and no setup charge.

You can sign up and add these forms to your own site and watch your sales and customer satisfaction double and triple overnight.

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How much will it cost?

To use B-A-R-T you need the following:

1. j2 web fax account $12.50 per mo. plus 10c/min
2. aWeber autoresponder account $13-$20/mo flat rate
3. B-A-R-T account $12.50 to $20 per mo.
4. Postage - meter or stamps 34c each + #10 Window
     envelopers and Word Processor with printer.

Total monthly: ~ $44-$52 + faxes at 10c/min + postage

Example of one potential inquiry:
2 Minute Fax = [10c per min.] 20c
Direct Mail Envelope = 3c 
First Class Stamp = 32c 
Direct Mail Letter / Brochure [variable price]
6 Follow Up Emails = $0 each

B-A-R-T account $12.50 to $20 per mo.
[AWeber and j2 fax are billed separately by the respective companies directly.]

Two plans are available for each B-A-R-T account. Once you sign up, if you pay a setup fee which is not refundable.  If you decide to cancel the service within the first 30 days, all monthly fees will be refunded 100%.

Monthly Plan: $19.99/mo.  [$19.99/mo.]
Annual Plan: $150/year  [$12.50/mo.]

One-Time Setup Fee:     $49.99    


Setup Fee is waived during this introductory period.

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