is the Business Automated Response Tool

B-A-R-T will automatically deliver information to your customers, and follow up to make sure they received it.  B-A-R-T is the only system to use email, fax and direct mail to automatically follow up with additional information up to 7 times or more.

When someone fills out the form, this happens:

B-A-R-T Sends an email message
  To the customer immediately, and
                to you or your call center.
Then, B-A-R-T  Sends a fax
       to the customer within seconds
THEN... B-A-R-T makes a text file to
  Mail the customer 
[a brochure]
     and personalized letter 1st class mail.

Then, B-A-R-T Generates a series of 6 or more additional personalized follow up email messages:
      1       2      3       4       5       6

B-A-R-T will personalize all responses so it will appear as if you are personally following up on your leads.  

Your prospects need to hear from you at least 7 times or more before they make a decision to buy, or sign up.  

B-A-R-T will ensure the visitors to your site are logged, and receive up to nine follow up messages regarding your product or service by fax, snail mail and email.

No system will increase your conversion ratio faster.  No system has the ability to follow up as comprehensively as B-A-R-T.

By combining the best Direct Mail, Fax and eMail campaigns, and then directing them towards people who have specifically requested your material, you will instantly see your web sales increase.

B-A-R-T is made for websites that already get visitors and regular traffic.

If you use Overture, Findwhat or any other pay-per-click search engine, B-A-R-T is the perfect companion.  

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B-A-R-T is an automated system that ensures visitors to your site receive all requested information about your company in a variety of formats.



Increase your ROI and keep a running list of who is visiting your site.



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