RoutingTool™ Private Use License
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Use the RoutingTool Database within your own
organization. The Private Use License provides
the entire RoutingTool database straight
from the source, in TXT/CSV format on CD ROM.

With the Private Use Database You Can Use the data to:
- Develop an internal software program with the data.
- Implement an auto-fill on your online shopping cart.
- Custom applications within your own organization.

With the Private Use Database You Cannot:
- You cannot re-sell the information, in whole or part.
- You cannot use the information to develop
   commercial software for distribution or resale.
- You cannot use the information outside of your own

Order the RoutingTool™ Private Use Database License: 

Full Routing Database for Private Use
$500 [one-time charge]
Full Database UPDATE for Existing Users
$100 [today's update]

Once you order, there are no additional fees. Don't pay thousands to a commercial data clearing house!

Purchase an update at any time and get the most current file, straight from the source. Enjoy high quality data, with no membership fees and no transaction charges in your own environment.

The complete Copyright RoutingTool Private Use Database is compiled from the results produced by the Online RoutingTool Database.  RoutingTool information is considered more accurate than other sources in the industry.


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