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Payment Processing

Process In Real-Time:

If you have an Authorize.Net, or LinkPoint HTML merchant account, you can start processing MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover instantly. 

  Process Off-Line:

Offline processing simply means the transactions are authorized manually, after the customer has entered in their payment information.  If you are using a software package like PC Authorize, MacAuthorize, IC Verify, PC Charge or if you have a swipe terminal that allows you to process web orders, you will be able to use InstantCart in offline mode.

Process Checks Only:

Many InstantCart users are just starting out and they don't have a merchant account yet.  For these companies, InstantCart can be configured to accept checks using CheckWriter software available for a one-time fee. 

To learn more about CheckWriter, the software that allows you to take checks by phone, fax or Internet and deposit the money into your bank the same day, with no fees, click here.

Merchant Accounts:

If you have an existing merchant account, check with your processor to be sure it is Internet compliant.  Some processors will not allow retail stores and mail order / catalog order businesses to process using their existing merchant account.

If you need to obtain an Internet merchant account, we recommend Authorize.Net.  You can get set up for just $299, and start taking credit cards within 5 days.  Visit Merchant Account Central for details or call us at:
1 (800) 893-6001







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