Restoration Policy

The tape back-up system is in place primarily as a disaster recover system. As an added service, we do provide restoration of customer files when requested -- however, these requests can only be fulfilled during those times that the tape drive is not busy backing-up the servers. There is a limited number of hours per day when restorations requests can be completed because the back-up process runs for much of the day.

To request file restoration, please send the following information to: 

  1. Domain name of account in question.
  2. The date from which the restore should be performed.
  3. The files to be restored.
  4. If we need to restore the whole site, please indicate accordingly.
  5. Acknowledgement of minimum $50 restoration fee.

Typically, restores cannot be performed over the weekend.  Please allow 24-48 hours for restoration on weekdays.

** A minimum $50 restoration fee will be charged for all restore requests unless otherwise approved in advance.









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