Changing Plans

The following situations will require a server move:
  • Upgrading or downgrading your account to or from an Enterprise Plan or High Volume Plan.
  • Upgrading from a parked account or a Domain Pointer.
  • Upgrading or downgrading an account that is not on a server.
    If you are unsure as to whether your account resides on a server please contact Technical Support.
  • UNIX to NT, NT to UNIX platform changes.  (Skip to Platform Changes section below.)

In these cases, please confirm that you and your client have read the following notes carefully so that we may proceed with the upgrade or downgrade of your account.

  1. The transfer to will require a move to a different Web server. For a period of about 5 days, will redirect requests from the old IP address to the new IP address to help ensure a seamless transition for website visitors. Once the new hosting account is moved to the new location, you will need to use the new IP address when updating the site via FTP or FrontPage. Once the propagation period is over you can use the domain name to update the website.
  2. If you are using "hit" counters on your Web pages, the counters may reset to zero. 
  3. If you are using the secure processing feature (SSL) and you do not have your own encryption certificate, you will need to change the server number when referencing the secure server via the Web or within your HTML documents.
        Old Location:                          
        New Location:
  4. If you have installed any custom scripts that reference the server number upon which your account currently resides, you will need to either update the code to reference the new server -or- create server independent code. Here are two examples:
        Before:                After:
        /www23/web/userid      /www41/web/userid
        /www23/web/userid      /u/web/userid (server independent)

    You may also need to contact Technical Support to have the automatic redirect script disabled so that your site will continue to operate as normal until you can update the scripts to the new server number.

  5. If you have POP mail accounts, incoming email may be stored in either the old or new hosting account until propagation is complete. During the propagation period, we suggest checking mail using the old and new IP addresses so that no messages is overlooked. When specifying the POP mail server in your mail client, simply replace the domain name with the old IP address and check mail; then change to the new IP address and check mail once again. Once the propagation period has ended, you can change the mail server setting back to the domain name.
  6. If you have a Domain Pointer pointing to your website you will need to reconfigure the pointer so that it refers to the new IP address. This can be done via the Edit Account Information section of the Control Panel of the Domain Pointer.

If you accept the above consequences and email Support to handle the Plan change, please cut and paste these seven points so we can verify that you have read this information and select the plan that is appropriate for your needs. If you process your own Plan Change via your customers control panel, we will understand that you have read and understand the information and automatically process the Plan Change.

Platform Changes

UNIX to NT -and- NT plan to UNIX platform changes will result in up to seven (7) working days of site downtime. We literally need to delete the original account on the UNIX machine and perform what we call a double-deletion to clear the account from our system before the new account can be activated on NT. The time need to delete the account and reactivate it as well as the time for propagation of the new IP is where we arrive at "up to 7 working days" of site downtime.

To instigate the change, you can place an order for the NT account and add a note in the comments section of the order form that you wish to replace the UNIX account by the same name. Users migrating UNIX and NT will have to copy the entire website to a client machine and republish to the new account. There will be no plan change fee for resellers who are migrating between UNIX and NT hosting accounts.







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