MX Records


Your hosting account's MX record specifies how mail addressed to your domain is to be handled. By default, such mail is handled by mail servers and distributed according to your Email Settings. Some users may wish to have mail handled by a remote mail server. In such instances, the MX record can be changed such that all mail addressed to your domain is redirected to the remote server. ( will remain the primary host of the domain but redirect email to the remote server.)

In order to update the MX record for a specific account, please send the following information to 

(All fields required)

1. Domain Name: The domain name of account whose MX record is to be updated.
2. IP Address:
(remote mail server)
Do NOT enter the IP address of your account!
3. Machine Name: (remote mail server) If you are unable to provide us with the machine name of the remote mail server, we will need to set up a machine name for you which can be used to point to the remote IP address (ie.
4. Email Address: A tracking number will be sent to this address.


To prevent possible interruptions of service when transferring a domain to we recommend that MX or A record changes be completed before the domain name is actually transferred to our service.








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