Internic Issues

This section will help you understand and troubleshoot some of the InterNIC issues you may be faced with as a Dealer. Listed below are reasons why a domain name has not been registered properly or in a timely manner. Of course these are not all the possibilities, but listed below are the most frequent situations that our registration team are faced with on a daily basis.

If you have any questions regarding a NEW domain registration or a TRANSFER domain, please also refer to  .

Domain Transfers

All transfer domains need to go through the InterNIC. When the NIC doesn't receive an acknowledgement from the admin or technical contact, there is a delay in the completion of the transfer. (The current contacts can be found on the Whois at:  )

All transfer domains should have the exact Organization name and address on orders. Dealers that do not list the correct Organization names such as Company name, and exact address on the order form which matches the NIC whois information records, will not be able to transfer the DNS information. The InterNIC looks at this request as a delete/new or a modify that needs a confirmation via fax on company letterhead.

In order to complete this request, the owners currently listed in the InterNIC database will need to authorize this update to the ownership of the domain in question. This request must confirm the updates to domain and should be on company letterhead.

This fax request must follow these steps:

  1. Must refer to the NIC tracking number. If you do not know it, contact 
  2. Must refer to the domain name
  3. Must be on the organization's letterhead - What appears on the NIC Whois
  4. Must be signed and titled by the current president, vice president, owner or CEO
  5. Must go into detail and explain that you are requesting a correction in the ownership listed in the database.
  6. Fax this request to so that we can forward it to our contact at the InterNIC. Our fax number is 561-989-8721

Transfer domain requests could be delayed because the acknowledgment from the Admin and Tech contact is not coming from the correct e-mail address. (e.g. the e-mail listed on the InterNIC is an e-mail forward and he/she replies from the wrong e-mail address) The customer/dealer should receive a NIC tracking number within the first 24-48 hours of activation.

A delay can be caused by the Admin and Tech contact completing the acknowledgement incorrectly. This occurs often when they are using AOL. When using AOL, the customer must keep in mind that the message must be intact. When they hit reply, they will need to see the COMPLETE version 1.0 and place the ACK or A in the appropriate location. This is line 0a.

The customer's physical address has changed and the NIC was not notified. When this occurs, they need to provide a fax on company letterhead confirming the transfer and update of the physical address. Please fax the letter to 561-989-8721.

The domain is "on hold" status. This occurs when the domain registration has not been made. InterNIC has put up an online web site for accepting credit card payments of domain registrations. It's at . It's an improvement over the phone-based system because international customers can use it (through their web browsers), and the customer doesn't need to know the invoice number. Don't forget that it needs to be https: instead of http: - if your browser doesn't support SSL, it won't work.

New Domains

When registering a new domain, use all numbers when listing the Phone and fax numbers. You cannot have alphabet letters in it. (ex. 888-FOR-SALE)

Be advised that the foreign characters of non-English alphabets will cause syntax errors. (ex: , , or other foreign characters)

When using our online order form, do not indicate anything in the State Field unless it's a U.S. state. (ex: You live in Germany and register a .com domain. On the order form, please leave the State Field blank. Do not list the initials DE or Germany in this field. You can list the city and country in the City field if desired.)

The ":" has been known to cause syntax errors when placed in the order/transfer template.

InterNIC Update Times:

Zone Files:
Servers world wide look to this information to find out where to point the domain name. This includes contact names, owner and DNS info. The DNS provided in these files tell the servers how to contact the IP address that is associated with the domain name. Zone Files are currently updated every night.

This is the database gives end-users the information needed to either register or transfer a domain name. The database will provide you with information pertaining to the registration status and who might be listed as contacts on the domain in question. The whois updates currently everyday at 5:30 a.m. EST (even on weekends). It does take several hours before we can actually see the changes from the web based version.






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