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Rates and Fees:

Support for most products is provided for free by fax and email.  Use the support system to get fast, accurate answers by email for almost any situation.  http://yourfavorite.com/help

For Telephone Technical Support, current hourly rates are $120 per hour for consulting, and $120 per hour for programming or development.  

Paid telephone technical support is a flat rate of $20 for a 10 minute incident, or $120 per hour after 10 minutes billed by the minute at $2.

On-site Consulting and Training is billed at premium rates and are based on the scope of the project.  Hourly on-site consulting fees start at $120 per hour.

To open a pay-per-call issue, first Click Here , to generate an order number.  Support representatives are typically available 9-4, Monday to Friday and will contact you once an order number is generated.












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