started as revival of the
"Friends of the Lincoln Street Green Strip".

Great NEWS: Updated February 2019

- The master plan is nearly complete! 

- We are continuing neighbor funded cutting and
    litter pickup. The space still looks great!

- More news on the horizon but it looks like
     the Green Strip may have found a new steward...

Master Plan: Draft with illustrations / no narrative - posted here


 Neighborhood meeting was on SEPTEMBER 6, 2018 at 6PM

Local residents "Richard and Victoria" have
secured a grant for $4,000 from the Harvard
Allston Partnership Fund for the Friends
of the Lincoln Street Green Strip.

This grant is for community outreach, and to

Where is this land located? 

500 Lincoln Street past Royal Street and
                 just beyond Mansfield Street. 
                                      HERE IS THE STRIP

What is it?

Up to 1 acre of 'lost' city owned land that is not maintained by the Parks Department or classified as park land. It is a gateway location and provides stairs and a ramp between Lincoln Street and Cambridge Street for people who are crossing between the two halves of Allston.

What happened in the past?

About 10 years ago, a great effort and substantial funding  improved this space, but failed to be sustainable.

What is happening now?
A revival of "Friends of the Lincoln Street Green Strip" has secured $4,000 in funding for community outreach and to create a master plan.

JUNE 2018: The owners of 500 Lincoln Street and "Friends of the Lincoln Street Green Strip" residents Richard and Victoria have privately funded an initial clean up. This includes litter removal, removal of fallen tree limbs, and 1 year of landscape maintenance, with monthly cutting and litter removal, performed by local landscapers Horgan Enterprises. Total cost $1,883.

What will happen? What is the plan?

Interim Maintenance plan     STATUS: In Place
-  Use Harvard Allston Partnership Fund Grant to Create Master Plan   STATUS: In Progress

-  Create Master Plan in 2018    MASTER PLAN DUE BY FEBRUARY 2019

Then Possibly:
-  Apply for Community Preservation Act [CPA] funding
    for a shovel ready phase 2 plan by September 2018 or next cycle (could restrict development)
-  Apply for Harvard's Public Realm Grant
-  Begin construction and implement feasible phase 2 of green space master plan  APRIL 2019

Or Possibly:
-  Explore landmark building development opportunities for deed restricted development using
     purchased city land and creating a covered atrium style transition including stairs,
     an escalator and elevator between Lincoln Street and Cambridge Street. 


Some photos:

Some photos of the current conditions...

The Lincoln Street Green Strip propagates invasive species.
These Trees of Heaven, on the state's prohibited plantings list, are responsible for sending millions of seeds throughout the neighborhood and are causing damage to local property.

The Strip is also a major source of the neighborhood's BLACK SWALLOW WART, also on the state's prohibited plantings list. .

The existing chain link fence is in disrepair.

More invasive propagation.

Utility poles are still sistered after a large Tree of Heaven uprooted during a storm knocking out power to the neighborhood.

Trees of Heaven are still growing into the power lines.

The only other tree type is also invasive - the Norway Maple. 

Sustainable trees are needed for beautification and erosion prevention.

There is no access from Royal Street so people have created a very steep dirt walkway that needs to be properly graded to allow for safe access to Cambridge Street.

What would be an alternative?

This land could be used to provide a safer, and more sustainable public gateway between Lower Allston and Allston Village, while providing affordable housing and/or ownership for the neighborhood.

This could be done as a thoughtful development over the land with a grand public lobby, or atrium over the current site of the stairs and ramp from Lincoln Street to Cambridge Street.  This could include an escalator, as well as an elevator, and stairs through the structure. 

This passageway could be open or closed at the ends, and could be the source of safe transition between the neighborhoods protected from wind and rain and especially snow and ice that plague that passage now. 

It could also create a regular and quantifiable foot traffic count, which would be helpful for a development that incorporates retail space on Cambridge Street.

If this does not become park land, a developer could create a structure that incorporates affordable housing, with deeded ownership including a public passageway in the development.


Want to give some money towards this cause?

Here is a GO FUND ME PAGE set up just for the benefit of the Lincoln Street Green Strip.




What about other lost strips like this?
News about the Everett Street Green Strip on the Lincoln Street Side-

The Church of Scientology, new owners of 214 Lincoln Street have agreed to maintain it starting in the second week in July 2018. 
- Update July / August 2018: This strip looks great! The Church of Scientology organized and funded a clean up that removed over 100 invasive trees of heaven, as well as weeding, cleaning and pruning the space.

The Everett Street Strip across from 119 Braintree Street on the Braintree Street side is also in Allston, and it is beautifully maintained, and privately funded by the owner across the street, Braintree Street Realty:   Their own staff cut, trim and weed the space as if it were their own.









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