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To look up any U.S. Routing Number.
    Provides: Bank Name, Address, Phone Number

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Verify the validity of any U.S. Routing Number


The ABA Routing Number / RTN is located between the |:   |: symbols.

This transit number is always 9 digits for a U.S. check.

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Look up information for ACH transactions,
Check or Draft transactions, or simply Validate the 9 digit ABA

Use simple validation to find out if the Routing Number is a possible routing number. 

Some new or expired routing numbers may be valid, but not yet listed in the Federal Reserve's database.

The "ACH Only" option will provide the bank's
phone number
for account validation
or funds verification.






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ABA Bank Routing Number -

KEY:    ACH Searches Routing Numbers for ACH
               transactions - ACH Routing Numbers may be
               different from Check or Check Draft RTN. This 
               database contains the bank's phone number.

Check or Draft Routing Number for Check
               printing or processing of Drafts or checks by phone.


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