Terms of Service applicable only to CheckWriter™  Cloud

The CheckWriter Cloud system is intended for use in the United
States. All users of the system must pay a monthly fee. This fee
is billed to the credit card listed in the FILE > Billing menu when
you log in to CheckWriter™ Cloud with your administrative profile.

Your sign up date will be your billing date every month. When your
fee is billed, the address in your FILE > Billing menu must match
the address listed in your card issuer's AVS file. Payments will be
approved if the AVS response is "X", "Y" or "Z".  All other response
messages will result in the transaction being declined. Authorizations
subject to terms in the refund policy.

Declined monthly fees will automatically disable the CheckWriter™
Cloud account until valid payment has been provided with valid
AVS through the FILE > Billing menu accessible while logged in
from the CheckWriter™ Cloud main screen.

Declined cards are assessed a $5 fee per decline. Multiple declines
will assess multiple $5 fees.  Please contact customer service if
you have questions about AVS declines - fees are not reversible
once assessed.

Accounts with past due balances are assessed a $10 fee. Accounts
with balances more than one billing cycle overdue will assess monthly
fees regardless of account status.

A $10 re-activation fee is automatically assessed to all accounts
disabled , then reactivated for prior billing failure or AVS declines.

When you agree to the terms of service, you also agree to the
license agreement: http://checkwriter.net/8/license.html